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Shawn and i broke up... ages ago, actually.
it just took me til now to want to tell you to take us off the list.
i'm sorry about that.
it was nice meeting you all.
and maybe, if you'll have me, i'll be back later.
with a new username.
and a real love.

pic - a & j - 2hearts 1love

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___whatever a community that has whatever you need. just started looking for some more members that contribute graphics, layouts, icons, html help, friends only banners, headers... what ever you need. you can come find here

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Hey everyone,

Sorry to say this but I'm leaving this community. David and I are doing great but school and everything has been taking up a lot of time so I'll only be a part of one or two communities. I wish you all the best of luck and if you need someone to talk to drop me a line =) If any of you want to keep in touch you know how to find me!

Much Love,